Technology & IT

Technology & IT

Stay ahead in the fast-paced tech world. We specialize in managing the disposition of outdated technology, reducing upgrade costs, and keeping e-waste out of landfills.

The Challenge

The technology and IT industry is characterized by rapid innovation and obsolescence, leading to frequent turnover of equipment and systems. This reality creates a significant challenge in managing outdated technology in terms of financial loss and environmental impact due to e-waste. Additionally, ensuring data security during the disposition of old IT assets is a critical concern.

Our Solution

We specialize in securing contractors to efficiently dispose of outdated technology and IT equipment. Our service can achieve a higher return than a traditional e-waste recycler. Doing so, we help businesses in the tech industry reduce upgrade costs, minimize e-waste, and recover value from their outdated assets.

Common Materials We Manage

Automation, Instrumentation, and Electrical
Computer and Office Equipment
Scrap and Recycling

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