& Real Estate

& Real Estate

Maximize the value of your construction assets. Our investment recovery services specialize in the strategic resale or repurposing of construction equipment and materials. We focus on turning your surplus assets into profitable opportunities, while also contributing to more sustainable construction practices through resource optimization.

The Challenge

The construction and real estate sectors frequently have surplus assets due to project completions, changes in construction technology, and material overages. Managing these assets, including construction equipment and materials, poses storage, depreciation, and potential waste challenges.

Our Solution

Our services can support anyone in the construction and real estate industry to maximize the value of surplus assets through strategic resale and recycling. We focus on turning surplus construction equipment and materials into profitable opportunities, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable construction practices through resource optimization.

Common Materials We Manage

Automation, Instrumentation, and Electrical
Computer and Office Equipment
Industrial Equipment and Tools
Heavy Equipment and Vehicles
Process Equipment
Scrap and Recycling
Rotating Equipment

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