Unlock The Value
of Your Assets.
We are on a mission to make sustainability achievable for all companies through the responsible disposition of assets. No matter your industry, we are here to help you find responsible outlets for materials, including selling them to our club of register buyers.

We Work Where You Work

MMR collaborates with clients throughout the US and Canada, offering Investment Recovery solutions regardless of your location.

World Class Investment Recovery Expertise

Our team of Investment Recovery Advisors brings world-class expertise to the table, with the majority accredited as Certified Managers of Investment Recovery. Our extensive experience means successful outcomes for your projects.

Create or Supercharge Your IR Department

Quickly establish or enhance your IR Department with a single call to Material Management Resources. We offer full support including inventory management, specialized services, expert advice, and an expanded buyer network to maximize returns.

Close Collaboration

For over 30 years, clients have chosen MMR because we believe a close partnership yields better results every time. We listen closely to your requirements and unique situations, and find solutions for your disposition projects that yield the best possible results.

Zero-Capital Requirements

Our services require no capital investment, and we are compensated based on the results of your return. Many of our services are delivered free of charge until such time as you start to benefit for our efforts.


Founded in 1994, Material Management Resources (MMR) excels in managing surplus materials for various industries, providing customized solutions that enhance returns and meet sustainability goals. Our comprehensive services include material identification, inventory, and marketing to a wide network of buyers.

Our expert Investment Recovery Managers leverage their experience and innovative approaches to boost project profitability, tackling any material or challenge. MMR’s suite of services and expertise supports your specific recovery needs, ensuring safety, efficiency, and governance. Rely on us to reduce costs, increase profits, and unlock hidden value in unused assets.

Let’s Make This Easy!

At MMR, your journey begins with a commitment to understanding and meeting your unique needs. Our first interaction sets the stage for a partnership that delivers solutions beyond your expectations. Here’s what you can expect:

Small Steps,
Big Impact

In every project, we employ steps to ensure that our operations contribute to your overall return and impact.

We make sustainability actionable by implementing strategies that enable material reuse, reduce waste and emissions, and deliver superior service to our clients, including:

  • Efficiency and Precision: We accurately detail materials to avoid misrepresentation and optimize logistics, reducing unnecessary transportation and material movement.
  • Local and Responsible Sourcing: We connect you with local buyers, contractors, and recyclers to minimize emissions and promote responsible reuse of surplus assets.
  • Education and Recovery: We educate stakeholders on best practices for material management and provide expert analysis to maximize recovery and environmental benefits.

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