At MMR, your journey begins with a commitment to understanding and meeting your unique needs. Our first interaction sets the stage for a partnership that delivers solutions beyond your expectations. Here’s what you can expect:


Initial Consultation

Your MMR journey begins with a personalized consultation, where our Investment Recovery Advisors engage in an in-depth discussion with you and your team to fully understand your project needs and goals. This essential step allows us to develop a plan that precisely aligns with your specific requirements and expectations.


Comprehensive & Flexible Service Plans

Our surplus inventory management process is thorough, focusing on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We have a transparent compensation model that means no hidden costs for general sales and flexible rates for specific services. This approach guarantees that you receive value-focused, adaptable solutions for your project.


Inventory Capture & Evaluation

We will work with you to schedule time to take inventory of your surplus materials, or you can provide an initial one for us to evaluate. Either way, we return to you with a plan of action that can include a mixture of different disposition methods, including resale, redeployment, or recycling on a per-commodity basis.


Collaborative Project Management

We start our partnership by fully integrating with your team, on-site or virtually, becoming an extension of your Investment Recovery department. Our approach ensures projects are tailored to your vision and completed on time, maximizing the value of your surplus materials through close coordination and alignment with your goals.

From Our Clients POV

“The Setup”

“The Plan”

“The Results”

Why MMR?

Continuous Support & Communication

At MMR, continuous support and clear communication are essential. We keep you closely involved and informed throughout all project stages, adapting swiftly to ensure success under any conditions and tight deadlines, with your input guiding every decision.

Expertise in Investment Recovery & Transition Management

Our team’s deep expertise in investment recovery equips us to handle the complexities of your project. We recognize the uniqueness of each challenge and offer customized proven solutions to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to transform these challenges into opportunities for success.

Transaction Consolidation

Clients gain an advantage by receiving payments from all surplus activities encompassing resale, redeployment, and recycling, supported by comprehensive documentation to ensure proper fund allocation.

Fast & Accurate Documentation
& Accounting

We issue all funds recovered according to your preference and provide supporting documentation, including executed purchase agreements and scale tickets, for your records.

Our Services

Whether you need a hand with just a part of the process or want us to handle it all, we’ve got you covered.

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