Maximize the return from your manufacturing assets, raw materials, any byproducts. Our investment recovery services help you efficiently sell or repurpose machinery and equipment, ensuring you get the most out of your investments.

The Challenge

In the manufacturing sector, companies often face the challenge of managing surplus assets due to technological advancements, byproducts of production, shifts in market demand, or changes in production strategies. These surplus assets can lead to significant financial strain, occupying valuable manufacturing or warehouse space and tying up capital better utilized elsewhere. Additionally, the environmental impact of disposing of these assets and the complexity of the global market further complicate the situation.

Our Solution

Our investment recovery services for the manufacturing industry focus on maximizing returns from surplus assets through strategic resale, repurposing, or recycling. We help companies identify and inventory underutilized or redundant machinery and equipment and provide tailored solutions to either resell these assets, find creative new uses, or help you recycle their primary materials. Together, we can free up capital and space, avoid landfills, and contribute to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Common Materials We Manage

Automation, Instrumentation, and Electrical
Computer and Office Equipment
Drilling and Oil Equipment
Heavy Equipment and Vehicles
Industrial Equipment and Tools
Pipes and Sucker Rods
Process Equipment
Scrap and Recycling
Rotating Equipment

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