Enhance your medical asset management. Our expert investment recovery services facilitate the efficient transition of your healthcare facility’s equipment. Whether upgrading to the latest technology or reallocating resources, we ensure your investments are handled carefully, balancing cost-effectiveness with patient care needs.

The Challenge

Healthcare facilities frequently update their equipment and facilities to provide the best patient care, leading to a surplus of outdated medical equipment and materials. These assets are often highly specialized and sensitive, requiring careful handling and adherence to strict regulatory standards. Those in health care can find these updates create significant time and space crunches that can reach critical and expensive levels when surplus inventory builds.

Our Solution

Investment Recovery services by MMR can help our friends in healthcare focus on efficient transition strategies for outdated medical equipment. We ensure that all assets are handled in compliance with their strict health and safety controls and offer options for resale, donation, or recycling. Our approach recovers value from these assets and supports healthcare facilities in upgrading to the latest technologies without compromising patient care.

Common Materials We Manage

Automation, Instrumentation, and Electrical
Computer and Office Equipment
Heavy Equipment and Vehicles
Industrial Equipment and Tools
Process Equipment
Scrap and Recycling
Rotating Equipment

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