Our services include sophisticated and reliable practices for each project, ensuring assets are diverted from landfills, sold to conscientious buyers, and effectively managed through their lifecycle progression. We offer expert advice, tools, and solutions that help you understand and mitigate the impact of your surplus assets and find responsible solutions that bring balance to your inventory.

How We Do That

Maximizing Asset Value

Our sustainability strategy emphasizes maximizing asset value and extending its lifespan. We evaluate and implement disposition solutions that consider an asset’s present condition or its value as raw materials, promoting efficient resource use and reducing reliance on new materials.

Circular By Nature

We champion the circular economy by focusing on the reuse and repurpose of assets, minimizing waste, and reducing landfill contributions, all while focusing on strategies that lower environmental impact and enhance your bottom line through extended asset life and material repurposing.

Reducing Emissions

MMR is dedicated to cutting indirect greenhouse gas emissions from energy use (Scope 2) and the value chain (Scope 3). Our solutions look to reduce both emissions during the disposition process.

Supporting Small Business & Our Community

Supporting Small Business and Our Community
Our efforts extend beyond environmental benefits. We support local communities through the sale of assets, most of which help small businesses achieve their goals.

Small Steps, Big Impact

In every project, we employ steps to ensure that our operations contribute to your overall return and impact. Here are some examples:

Efficiently identify surplus materials, reducing the trips required to process materials.

Ensuring precise and accurate material details to prevent misrepresentation to potential buyers.

Sourcing local buyers, contractors, and recyclers to cut down emissions from long-haul transportation.

Creating strategies and processes for materials that reduce the number of times materials are moved from location to location.

Providing a marketplace and connecting you to responsible buyers ready to give your surplus assets a new life.

Provide a deep understanding of materials in their most basic element so that we spot opportunities to recover materials if they are worth more versus landfilling or selling as scrap materials.

Educating others in the process to better understand how certain activities can help us achieve a better return or outcome for the environment.

Customizable Solutions

Material Management Resources (MMR) provides tailored sustainability strategies. It starts with an operational assessment to identify innovation and improvement opportunities based on your industry, asset lifecycle, and sustainability initiatives. Add any objective as a special request to any of our services.

IR Modes by MMR

Our Investment Recovery Advisors can help you determine the best course of action based on the “IR Mode” that you select. For any project or material, you can distinguish if your preference for disposition is:

• Highest possible return
• Fastest disposition
• Most negligible environmental impact

Actionable Insights

Have us inventory your assets, or submit one yourself, and get insights that are quick and actionable for the removal of your surplus materials so that items can be processed before they are decommissioned, or as they sit to reducing energy consumption and emissions.

Expertise In Action

Unified Recycle

The client requested that MMR develop a strategy for scaling its surplus metal recycling program across various sites. We established a method to rotate bins according to fluctuating demand at no cost to the client and arranged a contract with a local recycler. This contract allows for dynamic pricing aligned with the prevailing market rates for common metals.

The program’s results led to higher volumes processed at higher returns and simplified the effort dramatically.

6-Year Average Throughput

316K lbs

Stainless 304

454K lbs


42,488 lbs


Surplus Plastics

A manufacturing client faced the challenge of accumulating excess plastic in various sizes, a byproduct of the production process that resulted primarily from alterations in order specifications.

As machinery was cleaned, what was once considered waste began to mount in significant quantities. MMR developed a special recycling program that marketed the materials, seamlessly managed appropriate vendors, and reconciled the transactions afterward. The results from this program transformed the leftover material from a potential cost burden into an additional revenue stream.

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