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Responsible procurement managers today are looking for sustainable ways to liquidate or repurpose surplus materials and equipment. While it’s essential to get these items off the balance sheet, it’s equally important to understand that the landfill isn’t always the answer.

At MMR, we recognize and celebrate a culture that responsibly sources and responsibly liquidates items. Our team of certified investment recovery professionals use industry-leading strategies to achieve the most responsible outcome for your surplus materials. That means identifying opportunities where waste does not have to be inevitable.

We offer solutions and expertise to help you connect your surplus materials and equipment with the greatest possible outlet for disposal. This process is fully customizable to meet your controls and needs. We help you make sure that items are packaged into lots and sold using our buyers’ network. This leverages the best possible return.

If the goal is to clear the laydown yard, we can develop a solution with the best possible environmental impact. This can turn junkyards into picture-perfect fields of grass. We’ve done it before, and we are ready to do it again for you.

Our goal is to foster and demonstrate environmental responsibility among the companies we work with by recycling what would formerly be considered wasted material. The benefit to our clients? Improved cost controls, better return on capital, and the ability to tout a culture of environmental responsibility.

Allow us to show you how we can responsibly liquidate your surplus materials and used equipment. Whether finding a new home internally or externally, disposing of pesky chemicals, or arranging a network of scrap bins, we will do so knowing that we all share the responsibility of preserving this Earth for the next generation.

Case 1

We began assisting cleanup and demobilization of one of the largest building construction sites in the country in September 2013. Our first sale was for used carpet tiles and mock-up offices that were in the welcome center. Another interesting early item was the solar-powered traffic signals controlled traffic flow for over 7,000 onsite contractors before electric power was available underground.

As the project progressed, we sold several hundred water filled Jersey barriers and several hundred sections of movable fence. We sold ladders, lights, and lumber. As crews vacated trailers, we sold furniture, fire extinguishers, and transformers. Safety was a major consideration, so at project completion, we sold temporary announcement signs and speed tracker trailers. Additionally, crews had to eat so we sold the wooden and plastic picnic tables.

Before MMR

After MMR

Case 2

In 2015 we began a program of ongoing sales of computers. IT moves fast and that means hardware upgrades across an entire organization create tons of e-waste. Now, averaging 4x per year, we sell miscellaneous IT materials that are purchased and even managed by a 3rd party. We find a responsible place for them to be disposed of and obtain certification that applicable material was properly wiped. These types of materials, which historically were recycled at an expense for our client, helped offset the bottom line.

Case 3

Client had HCL material for which they were going to have to pay approximately $183,000 in trucking and disposal costs.  MMR was able to find buyer who paid $5 per ton if client would pay trucking.


Final Sales Price


Client Trucking Costs


Savings To Client