Sustainability Initiative

Emphasizing Environmental Stewardship

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Waste Is Not Inevitable In The Oil Industry

We propose that waste does not have to be inevitable, and avoiding waste does not exclusively come in the form of scrap. We can reuse and repurpose the materials that we have been working with to encourage sustainability within the Oil and Gas Industry–and we believe that we have a responsibility to do so.

Our goal is to foster that responsibility among the companies we work with by recycling what would formerly be considered wasted material. The benefit for our clients? Investment recovery, which means more money in their pockets.

 At MMR, we hold fast to the old adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” We like to consider ourselves the middle-man in that equation: we take what our clients deem waste and find a buyer who will turn it into something useful. In the process, we get the privilege of helping our environment stay strong, one investment recovery at a time.

Sustainability Examples

Surplus MIBK Material

Costs Avoided: $405K in disposal/3rd party sample cost
One Purchaser for 187,000 Gal. of Material
Final Sales Price: $267K

Surplus Hydrocarbons Disposition

Total Weight of Disposal: 7.6M lbs
Costs Avoided to Date: $608K
Total Sales to Date: $563K 

Gas Plant Demo 1

Crushed Concrete: Avoided $680K in Disposal Costs
Equipment Sales: $3.6M
Scrap Material Sales: 5.4K GT

Gas Plant Demo 2

High Bid & Sale Price: $411K
Bids Received From All 7 Potential Buyers
Total Sales for Demo Project: $908K

Project Fill Dirt

140 trucks over 8 month period
Weight of Fill dirt: 269K lbs
Final Sales Price: $216K