Pipe & Sucker Rods

Pipe & Sucker Rods

In the arena of oil and gas recovery, pipe and sucker rods represent a highly-valued category of assets. Our Investment Recovery services showcase our deep understanding and proficiency in the sector. We are uniquely tailored to maximize the value of these essential components and offer repeatable and reliable management of your materials.

Our services include precise identification, valuation based on current market trends, and undertaking the most beneficial disposition methods, ensuring seamless integration with your operational needs.

How You Can Benefit

Optimize Recovery Value

Our team expertly assesses each asset to determine the most advantageous outcome. This assessment includes exploring options like resale to specialized markets, refurbishment for extended service life, or repurposing in innovative applications.

Cost-Effective Management Solutions
We aim to reduce costs related to surplus inventory, including storage and maintenance, thereby contributing significantly to your financial efficiency and asset optimization.

Sustainable and Compliant Disposition
Understanding the environmental sensitivities of this category, we prioritize eco-friendly and compliant disposal methods for materials that cannot be resold or repurposed, ensuring responsible handling of these assets.

Targeted Identification and Valuation
Recognizing the high value and specific usage of pipe and sucker rods, we conduct a detailed analysis to identify surplus assets accurately. We consider factors like current market demand, material composition, and potential for reuse or repurposing.

Minimize Your Operational Disruption
Our team is adept at managing the logistics and removal of surplus pipe and sucker rods, ensuring minimal impact on your operations, reducing costs, and maintaining uninterrupted production.

Leverage Our Expertise in High-Value Asset Management
With specialized knowledge in pipe and sucker rods, our advisors are equipped to provide insights into the latest industry trends, evaluate the technical aspects of these assets, and identify the most lucrative markets, ensuring superior returns.

Common Rotating Equipment Items

Our experience in the recovery of rotating equipment includes, but is not limited to:

•   Pipe (Drill Pipe, Line Pipe, Casing, Tubing)

•   Sucker Rods (Steel, Fiberglass, Composite)

•   Used and Surplus Line Pipe

•   Drill Stem and Collars

•   Coiled Tubing

•   Specialty Piping for Gas and Liquid Transport

•   Corrosion-Resistant Alloy (CRA) Pipes

•   Pipe Racks and Storage Systems

•   Pipe Fittings and Connectors

•   Structural Pipes for Construction

•   Surplus Piping from Pipeline Projects

•   Custom Fabricated Pipe Products

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