In the dynamic world of aviation, our investment recovery services combine in-depth industry expertise with an agile approach to technology and market trends. Specializing in a vast array of aviation-related materials, from advanced aircraft components to essential aviation tools, we ensure that every asset is handled responsibly and efficiently.

We’re committed to reducing your aviation material inventory and balancing financial returns with uncompromised safety and operational standards.

How You Can Benefit

Customized Solutions for Aviation
Our Investment Recovery Services are already highly customizable. Still, we can get even more specific for your industry by catering to particular inventory reduction goals, considering factors like the size of the fleet, aircraft types, cost of downtime, and operational priorities.

Better Market Access
Our registered Buyers network includes aviation contacts ready to bid on aviation parts. Our Buyers Club represents one of our many channels available for disposition, allowing MMR to help you find a quicker and more profitable turnover.

An Understanding of Regulatory Compliance and Safety Standards: 
We recognize that buyers of aviation assets must adhere to strict safety standards set by the FAA and international aviation bodies. Our approach emphasizes securing the highest possible return by diligently obtaining the necessary documentation and certifications for parts and materials.

Utilize our Specialized Knowledge of Aviation Materials 
We recognize the uniqueness and complexity of aviation materials and components. Our expertise extends to understanding these items’ current state and their fundamental composition. This deep knowledge lets us pinpoint potential markets and applications for these materials, ensuring we achieve the highest possible returns for you.

Efficient Logistical Coordination
Big and bulky parts requiring specialized handling can add storage, transportation, and delivery costs. Our Investment Recovery Advisors can help you identify best practices for reducing those costs and finding the most efficient and responsible solution for your materials.

Maximizing Your Assets Value:
Given the high value of aviation assets, it’s essential to recover as much value as possible. We assist by finding buyers specializing in aviation parts or considering recycling and resale opportunities.

Respect for Environmental Considerations
Sustainable practices are increasingly important in all industries, including aviation. Responsibly disposing of materials and finding environmentally friendly solutions for surplus assets is key.

Achieve Efficient Inventory Management
Make your inventory more efficient by reducing unused and surplus materials. Utilizing MMR to help you identify surplus or obsolete items can help minimize storage costs and free up space, ensuring critical parts are readily available.

Common Items

We’ve recovered the value for many different types of aviation surplus, including:

•   Aviation Parts

•   Maintenance Tools and Equipment

•   Ground Support Equipment

•   Flight Simulators and Training Aids

•   Cabin Components and Interiors

•   Aircraft Tires and Brakes

•   Avionics and Electronics

•   Consumables and Supplies

•   Aircraft Batteries

•   Instrumentation

•   Aviation Uniforms and Apparel

•   Office and Administrative Supplies

Ready to Maximize Your Asset Value?

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